By Humberto Bonizzoni, Sherwood Park This Week November 8, 2002

[Stu Lindop]

As preparations to mark Remembrance Day, 2002, a Sherwood Park War Veteran was recognized with a very special medal. Stu Lindop was one of the 12 people from the Edmonton area who received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal.

It's an honor,"he said.

The commemorative medal was created to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee and was presented by Alberta's Lieutenant Governor, Lois Hole and Senator Douglas Roche during a ceremony held on Sunday, Nov.3, 2002 in Edmonton.

The medal was awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to their communities and Canada. Lindop said he received the medal for a number of reasons but primarily for his efforts for the past nine years to have Canada's national anthem amended to recognize women who served in the country's armed forces.

He has been campaigning to have the line "...true patriot love in all thy sons command..."in "O Canada" amended to "...true patriot love in all of us command..."

His claim is supported by the fact that the national anthem's original lyrics, penned by Justice Robert Stanley Weir on 1908 read "true patriot love thou dost in us command..."

There were women in the armed forces who sacrificed for their country and yet are not being recognized, Lindop noted.

The amendment has already received two readings in the Senate. The Second World War Veteran has also promoted an essay contest, dubbed "It's Great to Be A Canadian", organized as part of Canada Day celebrations in both local school divisions.

A former member of the South Alberta Regiment, Lindop is also known in the Strathcona community for his involvement in the annual Terry Fox Run as a member of Terry's Team and for his volunteer work with the Progress Club.

To be considered for the medal, a person had to be nominated by two senators. In the case of Lindop, senators Roche and Vivienne Poy put his name forward.

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