Remembrance Day Poem
A Remembrance Day 1999 Project
by the New Horizons School Grades 4/5 Class

The Grades 4/5 Class teacher told a moving story about her Grandfather who was seriously wounded at Vimy Ridge. The students were encouraged to write a poem or letter about Remembrance Day. Some of the students chose to write a letter home to their parents, as if they were soldiers fighting on the front, while others chose to write poems about Remembrance Day.

        The Sad Letter
        By Devon

        As my brother is in training for war,
        I'm at home, waiting and waiting.
        Then the big day comes,
        when my brother has to fight in the war.
        Five years later I got a letter,
        but not from my brother.
        It was from Ryan McCloud, my brother's leader.
        The letter said,

          "Your brother is brave
          for he saved me from getting shot.
          Instead of hitting me,
          it hit your brother.
          We buried him in the spot he got shot.
          I'm sorry he died
          but he died for a good reason."
          Ryan McCloud

        I read it over and over again and every time I read it, it made me cry. Now I know why we have Remembrance Day.


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