Letters Home
A Remembrance Day 1999 Project
by the New Horizons School Grades 4/5 Class

The Grades 4/5 Class teacher told a moving story about her Grandfather who was seriously wounded at Vimy Ridge. The students were encouraged to write a poem or letter about Remembrance Day. Some of the students chose to write a letter home to their parents, as if they were soldiers fighting on the front, while others chose to write poems about Remembrance Day.

        By Katherine

        Dear Mom and Dad,

        It's November 1 and I'm at the front. I see rows of poppies all over my friend's graves. I feel as if there's a bullet out there with my name on it.



        Dear Mom and Dad,

        It's November 6 and I'm the only man alive. The Germans have been throwing gas bombs. We've been fighting brutally. More men should be coming in. I just hope it's in time.



        To the Parents of Jack Williums,

        It is November 10 and your son has died a very sad death. He was the bravest soldier. He saved three men from dying and died himself. I was one of those three men. I wish it were me who died not him. He will have a special grave. The whole army will praise and remember.

        General Francis.

Katherine researched her own family heritage and proudly told her teacher, Mr. Perry and the entire class all about both of her Grandfathers before passing their pictures around for all to see what her own personal Heroes look like.

Katherine's Family Heroes

[] My Grandfather, Frank W. was a soldier even before World War II started. He served in the Polish Army as an artillery gunner in the Horse artillery. World War II started when Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939. My Grandfather was one of the first soldiers to fight against the Germans. This was even before Canada joined the war. You can see him in his polish army uniform, with his cavalry saber. Poland and Canada were Allies and fought together to defeat the Germans.

[] Where my other Grandfather lived in Poland, first Russia invaded and then Germany. After Germany invaded Poland, my grandfather, Joseph L. was arrested by the German army and sent to work as a slave labourer in German occupied France. When the allies liberated the camp, he rejoined the Polish Army and served in Italy where he worked in the Quartermaster or supply service. The photograph shows him in his Polish Army uniform.


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