Remembrance Day Poem
A Remembrance Day 1999 Project
by the New Horizons School Grades 4/5 Class

The Grades 4/5 Class teacher told a moving story about her Grandfather who was seriously wounded at Vimy Ridge. The students were encouraged to write a poem or letter about Remembrance Day. Some of the students chose to write a letter home to their parents, as if they were soldiers fighting on the front, while others chose to write poems about Remembrance Day.

        The Remembrance Flower
        By Sara

        In Flanders Field they grow
        On the graves they sow
        Softly in the wind they blow

        Thirty tanks roll in honor of the old
        The brave, the bright, and the bold
        But in Flanders Field some lie cold

        On the eleventh hour
        We wear the poppy flower
        For it is Remembrance Day


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