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Lori Beale of Regina, Saskatchewan is seeking information that anybody may have on the Famous Fighting SCHAN Family.

Her great grandmother, Maria Schan lived in Lethbridge, Alberta and had 7 sons - James, Jack, John, Leonard, Nick, Leo, Joe and one daughter Dorothy enlist in the Canadian Army. This was more than any other family in Canada. It is believed that they served for the South Alberta regiment, Calgary Highlanders, Canadian Women's Army Corps (Dorothy), and Regina Regiment . One son died overseas - Sapper Jim Schan, age 26, from Nobleford, while serving with the Royal Canadian Engineers. It is also believed that one of the Schan brothers, Nick, returned to England after the war. Leo is now residing in Port Alberni, BC.

Inspired by her grandmother, Ann Schan, Lori would like to document the Family Tree. She is interested in obtaining more information about the Schans and their contributions during World War II.

If anyone can provide any information at all, it would be very appreciated if you could contact me at the address below. Thank you.


  • Several relatives have contacted Lori and passed along further information on the Schan Family
  • Viewer John Friess responded, "my grandmother Barbara Friess who passed away at 96 recently was a member of the Schan family referred to and sister to Leo Schan who was awarded the MM (Military Medal) presented by the Queen in England"
  • Viewer, Josephine Roberts responded, "My mother, Margaret Shepherd (nee Dixon) married James Schan in Banstead, Surrey, England on the 14th February 1945 just 4 weeks before he was killed in Holland on 19th March 1945. Their marriage certificate shows that his home was given as Lethbridge Alberta, and that his father, Leonard, was already deceased. After James was killed my mother re-married in July 1946 to Victor Shepherd and I am the second of 5 children from that marriage, born on Christmas day in 1947. My name is Josephine Anne Roberts and I live in England near Birmingham."

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