L/SGT Patrick JESSOME served with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division during WWII where he received the Distinguished Conduct (DCM) medal for bravery. His grand-daughter is searching for any information about her grandfather. In particular, she is looking for information on an item that her grandfather carried with him.
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The item was a small case about 1 inch in height with a small figurine that fit inside the outer case. Her grandfather carried it in his mouth when he was in situations of trouble. He was Catholic and a very religious man.

If anyone knew Patrick Jessome and can provide any information at all, it would be very appreciated if you could contact me at the address below. Thank you.

UPDATE: A picture of L/SGT Patrick Jerome JESSOME being presented with the DCM is available on the Cape Breton News site.

Another relative of Patrick Jessome has provided the following follow-up information:

  • L/SGT Patrick Jessome was my grandfather and I am also looking for information on him. I know he was presented his medal in the field by Montgomery and he was later awarded at Buckingham Palace by King George. I would like to obtain pictures of these ceremonies. My father also told me about the case and figurine his father carried with him. I would like to know more about this as well. I also have his uniform with the field medal/ribbon.

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