Major Pond

I would like to pay honor to all the service men across Canada that fought in wars. Not only serving their country, by protecting democracy for other countries as well. We must always give honour to those brave men and women who fought for peace.

My dad was trained at Camp Aldershot back in 1941, he also trained at Debert Camp for the anti tanks. His name was Robert Ward and he was from Prospect Street in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

My dad never mentioned the war much. He returned in 1945 and put it all behind him. My dad got asthma overseas and it turned to bronchitis then to emphysema. He spent time in the hospital at Jane Street in Toronto, and passed away at the age of 75.

The war vets seemed to be forgotten. I made a friend when I was 8. He was a major. I believe a Mr. Pond from England. He was sent to Alder Shot Camp sometime between 1941 and 1944 to train the troops. He hired me to put a lantern on a tripod for training. We lived about 4 miles from camp on top of Prospect Street. We had a good view of the camp. I have been doing my memoirs and have been looking for this man to add to my memoirs. I emailed England and can not find any thing about him or if he made it through okay.

If anyone can help me I would be grateful for it. My brothers and sisters never forgot Mr. Pond. It is the least I can do to honour him in my memoirs.

Thank you for reading this.

    - Jerry Ward, Orangeville, Ontario

If anyone can provide any information at all, it would be very appreciated if you could contact me at the address below. Thank you.


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