Mr. William Spekkens, born in Maastricht and living in Canada since 1951, is searching for any relatives of John P. MARSDEN.

A number of years ago, Mr. Spekkens received a small leather bound book, "In Memoriam" by Lord Tennyson. The inscription in the book is "John P Marsden, May 1944" followed by "To Jo, Now you are free, April 1945". A scan of the inscription page, along with the "Ex Libris" is shown below.

Inscription Page

The book was passed on to Mr. Spekkens from one of his relatives in Nymegan, who had received it from a friend of hers who had died. Mr. Spekkens would be happy to donate this book to John Marsden's relatives.

[Editor] If anyone can provide any information at all, it would be very appreciated if you could contact me at the address below. Thank you.


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