F/Lt Vincent Kenneth MOODY

A relative of F/Lt MOODY is in the process of gathering information about F/Lt MOODY. His Service Number was J/15362 and he was attached to 131 (RAF) Squadron. The family has his flight log, his medals, and a sword.

F/Lt MOODY flew a Spitfire in WWII and was shot down and killed on June 12, 1944 over Le Mans, France.

His family is in contact with someone in the village of Yvre L'Eveque, France, who would like to learn about the solitary Commonwealth burial in his village's cemetery.

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The following information has been uncovered for the viewer:

  • The airman's name was Vincent Kenneth MOODY. Born in Taunton, Massachusettes, USA, around 1920. He became a Canadian citizen and enlisted at Halifax, Nova Scotia when he was 20 years old, in 1940. And was commissioned as a F/O in 1942.
  • On 1942-Aug-21, Pilot Officer MOODY, Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit, pilot of a Bristol Beaufort, shortly after take off to deliver the aircraft to the Middle East, it developed engine trouble and so it was decided to return to Malta. Unable to maintain height when the port engine failed, successfully ditched into the sea. The crew managed to get into the dinghy and were rescued by HSL 128 shortly after.
  • In October of 1942, F/O Moody was a pilot with 249 Squadron.
  • On 1942-Oct-15, the Spitfire of 249 Squadron RAF flown by F/O VK Moody, crash-landed at Takali, Malta. Reported shot down by Friedrich "Fritz" Geisshardt of 3./JG77 German Luftwaffe.
  • In October of 1943, F/O Moody's section was attacked by eight Messerschmitt 110s. Under his successful leadership, two of the enemy aircraft were destroyed.
  • On 1944-Jan-20, F/Lt Vincent Kenneth MOODY was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross - with No. 610 Squadron.
  • On 1944-Feb-29: Spitfire MD123-VII was constructed at Eastleigh with an M64 engine. Its first flight was 1943-Dec-31 and was assigned to 131 Squadron on 1944-Feb-29. This Spitfire was to be flown by F/Lt MOODY.
  • In March of 1944, Spitfires from No. 131 Squadron were employed on bomber escort duties until Oct 1944.
  • On 1944-Jun-12, F/Lt Vincent Kenneth MOODY was piloting a Spitfire MD123 with No. 131 Squadron. He was on an afternoon Rodeo 169 to Le Mans Airfield in France. The Spitfire was shot down and F/Lt MOODY was killed. There are two accounts of this incident.
    • Shot down possibly by a Messerschmitt BF109G-4 piloted by Lieutenant Gustav Sturm of 2./JG27 German Luftwaffe who reported shooting down a Spitfire from 131 Squadron at 14:30 on 12Jun1944 south of Laval, which is 60km west of Le Mans.
    • Shot down by flak at Le Mans airfield.
  • F/Lt Vincent Kenneth MOODY was buried at Yvre L'Eveque Communal Cemetery. He was the only Commonwealth burial at this cemetery. Yvre L'Eveque is 7km east of Le Mans.
  • F/O Moody took part in a large number of escort sorties and reconnaissance missions over enemy territory.
  • F/O Moody participated in operations from Malta during a period of intense activity, and later engaged in sweeps over Sicily
  • F/O Moody has destroyed two enemy aircraft and damaged many others.

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