My Grandfather
Written by Linzi Hartt (November 1995)
In Loving Memory of James Sydney BIGGER
July 8, 1923 - October 19, 1995

      M y Grandfather was a soldier
      With a bayonet strapped to his shoulder
      He was very young, but he knew the game
      So, he was ready when the time came.

      M y Grandfather didn't say a lot
      About the War in which he fought
      Those memories must have been
      Easier to hold within.

      M y Grandfather, I had wished he'd say
      What happened in the war that day
      Something bothered him so much
      That you couldn't cure it with a touch

      M y Grandfather, he was a member
      In the Remember...
      All those that died in the war
      Wishing he would hurt no more.

      M y Grandfather died a month ago
      I very much miss him so
      He was a man to look up to
      Someone who I wish you knew.

      M y Grandfather, who I love still
      Had always been with me until
      The Angels took him away
      I am very proud to say.

      M y Grandfather is up in Heaven
      And every November Eleven
      I will pray for him and those more
      For saving us, fighting in the war.

      - Linzi Hartt (November 1995)

James S. Bigger served in WWII and the Regular Force 2RCHR Black Watch. His seven brothers all served in the Armed Forces, as did their father, who was a soldier in WWI.

The following is a copy of the commendation certificate he received.

21st Army Group
SG 52792 Bdr Sidney James Bigger
1 Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment RCA

It has been brought to my notice that you have performed outstanding good service, and shown great devotion to duty during the campaign in North West Europe.

I award you this certificate as a token of my appreciation, and I have given instructions that this shall be noted in your Record of Service.

Sgd: BL Montgomery
Field Marshall
Commander in Chief, 21st Army Group

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