Angels of Mercy
Written by Lloyd Whimp

T here is an honourable profession of brave and noble people who made it possible for many soldiers to survive the horrors of war. Their profession was born when a young lady, born on May 12, 1820 in Florence Italy, grew up to have a burning compassion for those who are sick and infirmed. This wonderful person was none other than Miss Florence Nightingale.

I n 1854 when the Crimean War broke out, Florence read about the appalling conditions at the British Hospital Barracks, and wrote to the British Secretary War volunteering her services to work in the hospitals. At the same time the Minister of War wrote to her proposing that she take charge of all nursing operations at the war front. This was the start of the nursing sisters to take care of the wounded and dying men at the front lines of battle. Ever since then there has been brave and compassionate "Angels of Mercy" in every war, who also left their families and loved ones to go to lands that they did not know. There were many who fell in the field of battle to save a life, committing acts above and beyond the call of duty. So let us give thanks to God for all loving and caring nurses, "The Angels of Mercy" who volunteered their lives for their country.

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