What Is War?
Written by Jeremy J.S. Bigger (November 1999)
In Honor of All Veterans

    W hat is War?
    Is it good?
    Is it Bad?
    Does it prove anything?
    What do you think war is?

    A little boy might say
    It would be cool,
    With guns, tanks, planes
    And grenades.

    A mother might say
    It's a lonely time
    As she would wait anxiously at the window
    For him to come home,
    And hopefully not a messenger.

    A n old solder
    With shiny medals on his coat might say nothing
    He would stare off into space.
    Probably thinking of his friends who died in the war.

    W hat do you think war is?

    - Jeremy J.S. Bigger (November 1999) age 11

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