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I think of you often, my cherished Canadian Heroes, and feel your commitment in every choice I feel free to make. I weigh each decision with the same deliberate consideration as you have shown for our country. I am moved to make the most of the privilege that you have paid so dearly for.

I n such trying times I'm thankful that the youth of our country have honorable heroes to look up to. I offer this site as a resource for all those who seek to inspire themselves and our children, to be the best they can be.

E ach time I am blessed with a creative idea and have the opportunity to make it come true, I remember I couldn't do so if it wasn't for you, my Canadian Heroes. MapleLeaf

W e can never forget, because you define who we are.

This website is dedicated to all the men and women, who enlisted in our Armed Forces, because they share a vision of a Canada, free of threat and proud of birth. Let your stories of unsung heroism stand here, for all Canadians to be proud of and let our youth find real Canadian Heroes to look up to.
MapleLeaf They Are All Heroes MapleLeaf

Interesting Facts on WWII
Check out this video prepared by
Gerry Malone, a retired military man
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Words of Wisdom

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Today is the day to remember, to respect,
and to be immensely thankful to live in a safe nation
made so by the sacrifice of others.
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