A Canadian Heroes Tribute to

1) Anniversary Gift

[Bill Kilford] [Bill Kilford]

Bill grew up just outside of Looma, Alberta. On his parent's 24th Wedding Aniversary, Nov. 21, 1942 Bill enlisted in the Army in Edmonton. He was sent to shilo, Manitoba where he took Driver training and started his mechanics course that he completed in Woodstock, Ontario. Bill left for England in May of 1943. The trip to England on the Queen Mary took four and a half days. Bill considers himself lucky in that when he was posted overseas he went over on the Queen Mary and returned home after the war on the Queen Elizabeth.

1) Anniversary Gift
2) The Boat Trip
3) 48th Highlanders
4) Pipes & Drums
5) Military Band
6) Italy
7) Ladies From Hell
8) Cassino

9) Instant Bridge
10) 2nd Time Around
11) Apeldoorn
12) Holland
13) Old Girlfriend
14) Polders
15) Public Relations
16) Wars End

17) Flags & Flowers
18) Parades
19) Holland Pipes
20) More Tours
21) Medals for Xmas
22) The Kilfords
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