A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
George HALL

1) Enlistment

[George Hall - Enlistment]

George Hall enlisted in the Canadian Army, in the Peace River District when he was 21 years old. Eleven months later he was posted to Aldershot Britain and trained for the following two years in various parts of Britain until he deployed to Italy in 1943.

In July 1943, George was deployed to Italy as reinforcement for the Seaforth Highlanders, 2nd Brigade of the 1st Canadian Division, British 8th Army, who were invading Sicily. Unfortunately, the reinforcements were a couple months late in arriving at their destination when one of the ships in the convoy was torpedoed in the Mediterranean Sea. They were diverted to Africa for two months waiting for another boat to be sent to replace the torpedoed ship, before continuing in Convoy to Italy. He joined the 1st Canadian Division at Naples instead of Sicily. They fought up the coast of Italy and took part in the Battle of Ortona, in northern Italy.

1) Enlistment
2) Mini Tanks
3) Italy
4) Under Fire
5) Injuries
6) Battle of Ortona
7) Cassino

8) Hitler Line
9) Road to Rimini
10) Bad Weather
11) Wounded
12) Back to Battle
13) Holland Bound
14) Peace

15) Back Home
16) Friendly People
17) Smokey Smith
18) Today
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