A Canadian Heroes Tribute to

1) Enlistment

[Hank and Taffy, June 1, 1939]

When Hank was 18, he enlisted in the Calgary Highlanders Pipe and Drum Band. He and his friend, Taffy, who was a piper used to go out into the country to practice so that the sound wouldn't disturb the neighbors. People driving by would see them marching back and forth way out in the field and wonder what on earth they were doing.

Hank wanted to fly, so he had to be discharged from the Calgary Highlanders before he could enlist into the R.C.A.F. Hank went over Seas as a Sargent Pilot, and returned as a Flight Lieutenant.

Hank enlisted May 1, 1941. Upon enlistment he went to Penhold for Boot Camp, where he remembers doing a lot of marching. They referred to marching as "square bashing" as they marched back and forth on a big square of cement on the base. Hank earned $5/ week as an electrician's helper before he enlisted. However, after he enlisted his starting wage was $1.30/ day, receiving a raise each time he went up in rank. In the Air Force you also received a different badge for every rank that you achieved. He felt rich.

1) Enlistment
2) Physicals
3) Comaraderie
4) Shadow Fighters
5) Tiger Moth
6) Ready & Able
7) Rough Seas

8) Broken Leg
9) London Pubs & Movies
10) A Place To Stay
11) Work?
12) Giant's Causeway
13) The Teacher
14) Gold Fish Club

15) RAF to RCAF
17) Spam Medals
18) Repatriotation
19) Retraining
20) After The War
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