A Canadian Heroes Tribute to

1) Bio

[Cliff Humford]

Rank: A/L/Tel(WT3)
Service #: V-12431


  • Soviet Medal
  • Normandy Veteran Assoc Star
  • North Atlantic Star w/bar
  • Volunteer Medal w/bar
  • Confederation Medal
  • Service Medal w/bar
  • After Cliff retired from the Navy, he worked for the Federal Department of Agriculture. After he retired from there, he worked for the Provincial SPCA for ten years.

    [Cliff and Marg]

    Cliff met his wife Marg shortly after the war ended. The picture of Cliff and Marg, on the right, was taken on the day that they were engaged. They were on their way to pick out the ring. They have five children and live in Sherwood Park, AB. Cliff has spent a lifetime involved with the Royal Canadian Legion and wears many service medals awarded to him for several years of faithful and committed service. Presently, he is an honored member of the 277, in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

    In 1986, Comrade Cliff Humford received the 1941-45 Soviet Victory Medal in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the victory over Facist Germany because he was one of many Canadians who helped escort merchant ships through the Murmansk run.

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