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1) Enlistment Plans

Art joined the forces as a young man along with two of his best friends, one of whom was killed in action shortly after being posted. Art joined the "Kings Own Calgary Regiment" Armoured Corps where he spent three years, training instructing new drivers on Sherman Tanks.

Ultimately, Art wanted to be posted to Korea. When he learned that only the "Lord Strathcona Regiment," Armour Core was going and not his regiment he decided to transfer to the Navy, which was slated for Korea.

He really wanted to transfer to the Airforce to fulfill a dream of becoming a pilot. However, In order to keep his time and standing in the Forces, he would have to do a senior transfer. In World War II each branch was classified from Junior to Senior, starting with the R.C.M.P., Airforce, Army, and then Navy. For Art to join the Airforce which was classed a junior Branch in the Forces, to the Army, he would have to quit the Army and then rejoin the Airforce, loosing all the time he had already invested in the Forces. So, he joined the Navy as an Electrician's mate.

After all his carefully laid plans towards a posting in Korea, he was eventually assigned to a ship, HMCS MicMac, Destroyer Escort to the AirCraft Carrier Magnificent. Much to his dismay, it wasn't bound for his desired destination, but to Gibralter instead. However, once you received a posting there was nothing you could do to change the orders.

1) Enlistment Plans
2) Trouble At Sea
3) Learning To Fly

4) World Tour
5) Wedding Bells
6) Prairie Naval Base

7) HMCS Edmonton
8) Synopsis
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